Monday, January 17, 2011

A possible name and basis for a new party?

There is no real middle between today's so-called conservatives and so-called liberals, other than those who feel caught between two extremes.

What we need is a party that determines what the real problems are and what real, possible solutions to those problems may be.  Maybe this party should be called the Realistic Party, not to be confused with reality shows.

Of course, once a group has a name and real people start joining it, then the group starts moving from its original goals.  Oh, well!  I tried.

This entry was partially inspired by Ross Douthat's latest column, "Scenes from a Marriage", New York Times, 2011-01-16.

He writes about the mutual antipathy between "the media" and Sarah Palin, which Douthat writes is more co-dependence.

Based on his realistic look at the issue, I would say he might be an ideal spokesperson for the Realistic Party.  On the other hand, does his over-generalization that some journalists are "the media" disqualify him from this role?