Friday, June 06, 2014

Quote of the day: Elevez votre voix, pas le niveau de la mer

“Raise your voice, not the level of the sea” is the title of a podcast yesterday from Radio des Nations Unies.  It is about World Environment Day, June 5.  News of this has been “censored” in Duluth.  I cannot easily find it in the Duluth News Tribune.  My top find in the New York Times was a picture of a worker in India wading through recycled plastic bottles.

Is this “censorship” or lack of interest.  I can certainly find many other references in English to World Environment Day.

My translation of the text that iTunes shows me for this seven-minute podcast is:

“Each year on June 5 millions of people across the planet celebrate World Environment Day, at the levels of community, nation, and region to promote a positive action on the most pressing environmental challenges.  The host of World Environment Day this year is Barbados, …”

The top Google search item I found was, UNEP stands for United Nations Environmental Programme.

Barbados was chosen as the host for this year’s WED  because it is considered a leader in solar power.  See

BTW, WED is not going totally ignored in the U.S. I did see an item that Secretary of State John Kerry did make a statement about WED.