Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tech support gives complex solution; wife gives simple solution

In my article “Technology is great, technology grates” which will be published in the Weekly Reader of Duluth this week, I mention the difficulties that I had with my Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for my iPad.  The return key didn’t always work.  From Logitech I either got a bureaucratic response from level I support or the advice to reset my iPad.  From my wife I got a much simpler solution.

My email today to Logitech follows:

Earlier this year and again a few weeks ago, I asked what could be done about a return key that didn't work on my Solar Keyboard Folio.  The most concrete advice that I received was to reset my iPad.

I did so both times.  When I did so the last time, I lost a lot of data and settings.  After this last reset, the return key often worked only after I pounded it a few times.  It also seemed to get worse.

My wife suggested that maybe there was debris under it.

Today I took her advice and gave the return key several blasts with a gas duster.

The return key has been working fine every time I used it in this email.