Thursday, January 08, 2015

The greatest threat to Islam is…


Islamists have probably killed, maimed, kidnapped, or threatened more Muslims than any other group in the world, be it Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or secular.

Islamists are among a long line of the supposedly devout that think they know better than anybody else what God/Allah wants.

Islamists have strengthened the hand of militant “Christians” who want to constrain all Muslims, regardless of how well they fit in or stand apart from the society they are in.  Anti-Muslim parties are springing up in many countries, including Sweden and France.

The number of Muslims who actively oppose Islamists far exceeds those who support Islamists.  The problem is that most anti-Islamist Muslims do not have AK-47s and do not blow themselves up; they only have their cell phones.

If you have a twitter account, see #notinmyname.  If not, see  As could be predicted, a wide range of views are expressed, from Muslims who just want to go about their lives in a secular society to those who want to tar all Muslims with the actions of a few.