Monday, April 13, 2015

It’s around here someplace! Redux!

My wife’s iPhone “disappeared” before she went to Japan at the beginning of the month.  She retraced her steps and checked with many places.  No luck!  I asked again at some of those same places.  No luck!

I checked her account and there had been no usage we couldn’t account for.

I was just about ready to order a used iPhone from eBay, and transfer her number form Virgin Mobile to Consumer Cellular.

This morning I planned to go to the Essentia Fitness Center and then to Whole Foods Co-op for some groceries. I was being fussy about which bag I took; as an old grocery packer I don’t care for floppy bags.  I want semi-rigid sides.  I took the larger of the two of these we have, and I emptied it of all its jars and plastic bags.

When I got to the co-op I looked in the grocery bag for a produce bag.  There were none.  But I noticed a piece of red embroidered cloth underneath the bottom flap.  It was the cover that our daughter had given my wife for her phone.  The phone was in it, but its charge was depleted.

When I got home, I plugged her iPhone in and only got the little red bar.  After about an hour it was 1/3 charged.  Eventually it was fully charged and fully functional.  In fact, I sent her email from her iPhone to her iPad.

I read up on Find My iPhone, but this feature would not have been of any use.  My wife keeps her phone off unless she wants to make a call, check email, or do some other thing.  So calling the phone didn’t help us find it in the hallway where we keep the grocery bags.

She wrote me that she had checked the bags several time, but I think she didn’t find it because there were so many other smaller bags in that particular one.  Besides, how many of us would think to lift the flap at the bottom of the bag?

So, just in time I saved $100 to $400 on a replacement phone and the hassle of changing carriers.

Now if we could only find the AA/AAA battery charger that disappeared about the same time.