Thursday, July 16, 2015

You know whodunit, but... many will he kill before he is caught or killed?

That is my take half-way through Benefit of Doubt by Neal Griffin.

My wife picked it out for me when she went to the library.  She thought it would be similar to novels by John Lescroart.  I think she was going by Joseph Wambaugh's review on the back cover:

"A complicated killer seeking revenge is hunted by a complicated lawman in this unique and suspenseful debut novel by a cop-turned-author who knows the turf."

Hank Phillippi Ryan wrote that it would keep you guessing "to the unpredictable–and completely surprising–last page."

I'm about two-thirds the way through and keep wondering why I put up with all the gratuitous, graphically-described violence.  Two corrupt police officers who break the rules to line their own pockets don't endear me to the book.  However, some good guys and gals who break the rules to promote justice keep me going and guessing.

I'm tempted to stay up until I finish it, but I have lots of things to do tomorrow.  Like on the first night I started reading Benefit of Doubt, I'll probably lie awake mulling over what I read.  I do know I won't set the alarm.