Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dire Predictions: a must read on climate change

Earlier this month I finished Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change by Michael Mann and Lee Kump.

I sent Michael Mann an email with the comments:
It is quite a bit of overwhelming evidence that the climate is getting warmer.

Light letters on dark background are hard for seniors to read.

Most of the middle-age deniers will be dead by 2050, and so what do they care as long as the can get their profits now.
He responded right away, but Mail showed only the auto-reply that he received so much mail that he might not respond.  Just today I saw that he had responded.  He wrote that they have struggled with the light on dark problem and asked me to write an Amazon review.

Well, I avoid Amazon and bought my copy from a local bookseller, The Bookstore at Fitgers.

I do recommend Dire Consequences if you want a better understanding of all the complexities that are driving climate change.  I think the evidence Mann and Kump provide is overwhelming.  It is only those who have an interest in profiting from the drivers of climate change who are selling a bill of goods to those who think government is bad.

It will take you awhile to get into it, but once you’ve finished it you will feel well-rewarded with a deeper understanding.