Thursday, December 31, 2015

A new form of taxation

Most of us complain about taxes in one way or another.  But we almost always have our individual ideas of what government should do.  We sort of ask government to lower taxes but be sure to fund my sacred cow.

To this end, I suggest that the tax forms have an allocation schedule on which we can allocate where we want our income tax money to be spent:

Each individual cabinet level department
The office of the President
The Senate
The House of Representatives

If a person’s list doesn’t add up to 100%, then the remainder will go into a general fund to be allocated in the usual manner by Congress.  If a person’s list adds up more than 100%, then the values are adjusted proportionally to add up to 100%.
Much of text lost because deleting a duplicate deleted both.

So, if a person thinks the only business of the Federal government is war, aka defense, then he or she can stipulate 100% of their income tax go to the Dept. of Defense.

If a person thinks transportation and education are the most important activities of government, then he or she could stipulate say, 40% for one and 30% for the other leaving 30% for Congress to decide how to use.

With this plan, if only two percent of the allocation went to the military or any other function, Congress would have to use general funds, if available, to make up the difference to what it thinks is really needed.

Whatever we do, we should remember the supposed words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., "I like taxes.  They buy me civilization."