Monday, July 04, 2016

What true patriotism is

I’m sitting at my computer listening to all the fireworks, both public at the Bayfront Festival Park and private.  We can see some of the Bayfront fireworks if we look out our front upstairs window at the right angle.  But is enjoying fireworks patriotism?  People all over the world enjoy fireworks.

Is patriotism pledging allegiance to the flag or singing the Star-Spangled Banner.  Anybody can do these as a rote exercise.  In fact, it seems that the more flags behind a political candidate, the more “patriotic” they are.

Is patriotism “supporting our troops” wherever they are fighting at the behest of our politicians?  Many of those wars have led to further wars.

Maybe patriotism is saying that a war is immoral and unwinnable.  Remember also that those on the other side think they are being patriotic to their country or cause.

True patriotism is obeying the laws, paying taxes, voting, and speaking your mind about how government is acting.  Given these guidelines anybody can be a patriot whether they are Republican or Democrat, “conservative” or “liberal”, or none of the above.