Thursday, November 24, 2016

Corporate fast response

This morning we woke up to a cold house.  My wife noticed that the alarm clock was not lit.  The light switches didn’t work.  I checked the breakers and only an unlabeled breaker was tripped.  I reset that but nothing happened.

The gas furnace was off because it needs electricity for ignition.

Well, it was cold cereal for breakfast.  While eating breakfast i went to the Minnesota Power website ( and found an outage map.

Bingo, right in the middle of our neighborhood was a head with a hardhat.  Clicking on the icon I found the outage was reported after 7:30 and was projected to be fixed by about 10:30.

Soon after I found this information, the furnace came on.  Power was restored within an hour of the outage being reported.

Since only 15 households were affected, I assume that nobody noticed until about 7:30, at least nobody reported it until then.

Thanks to those who work on holidays and after hours to make sure that our conveniences stay convenient.

The minor downside of this is that I could not find an email address to thank MNPower for this quick fix.  I could call but there was such a long list of choices that I gave up.

I hope someone at MNPower reads this and passes it on to the crew that responded so quickly.