Saturday, February 11, 2017

Other views on Trump and Washington’s Farewell Address

Just when I think I have an original thought, a quick Google search reveals that many others have written about the same subject, sometimes well over a year ago:(

Here is a sample of some of these writings:

Washington’s Farewell Address: the Trump version,
The Christian Science Monitor, Jack Pitney, 2015-09-23

This is a hilarious parody of Trump’s speeches and tweets.  Too bad few, if any, of the non-voters read this before the election.

How America’s First President Predicted Donald Trump: John Avlon explains why George Washington farewell warning is more relevant then ever." Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair, 2017-01-13

John Avlon has written other political books including Independent Nation  and Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.

Is a Trump presidency what George Washington warned us about?”, Eric Black, MinnPost, 2016-11-15

And an indirect reference to Farewell Address is “The Republic Repeals Itself”, Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine, 2016-11-09.

What irritates me about many of these writings is statements that Brexit and Trump were populist movements.  But the number of the people who did not vote for Brexit or Trump far outnumber those who did.  Unfortunately, too many of those in opposition didn’t bother to vote.