Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Poop in the pool" politics

Today's Duluth News Tribune (2017-03-14)  has an editorial "No pay for extra sessions".  It claimed that no legislator should get his or her per diem because they didn't get their work done in the regular session.  This assumes that each and every legislator was responsible for not getting all the bills passed that should have been passed.

But how few legislatures does it take to hold up a bill?

For years I've called punishing the many for the misdeeds of the few as "poop in the pool" management.  I was at a summer camp decades ago when poop was discovered in the pool.  The camp councilors would not let anybody swim in the pool until somebody admitted to fouling the water.  Since probably only the culprit knew who did it,  do you really think he would admit his misdeed and get even worse punishment, like his parents being told?  Meanwhile, all those who didn't see it happen, and most of them were either not in the water or not even in the pool area, get punished for something they had absolutely no knowledge of.

Unfortunately, this attitude is found in all societies.  All schmoos are responsible for one schmoo tripping over one shtoonk.