Monday, July 31, 2017

More update craziness

Somewhere, somehow in all the back and forth about getting my Epson WF-3640 all the presets were many: letter, envelope, and others I’ve forgotten.

The other day I finally got two-sided letter printing to print properly.  For some reason the second side was upside down from the front side.  I finally figured out that I had to have the presets for two-sided printing set to long-edge.  I never had had to worry about that before.  In all this grand “improvement” the preset was set to short-edge.  For the first time ever with many printers, I had to set a preset called “Two-sided printing”.

Next confusion is printing an envelope.  No preset and the preview shows a jumble of printing.  I got the presets for an envelope all set and placed an envelope in the rear tray with the flap on the top pointing to the left.

Nope!  The software printed on the flap side with top pointing to the right.  I had noticed the same misdirection in one of the trays, months ago.

Just another example of  what professors Russel and Vinsel  wrote about lack of maintenance: “Maintenance vs. innovation”