Monday, May 23, 2011

Marriage amendments rather than budget compromise

I posted the following on Facebook in response to a relative's posting of the curt response of Tony Cornish, Republican, MN House concerning his vote on the proposed "marriage" amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.

I plan to vote blank on this proposed amendment in 2012.  Unlike voting for people, in Minnesota a blank ballot is counted for constitutional amendments - as a no vote.  My purposes are two - I don't like the amendment, and I don't think such amendments should be put on the ballot.

Unfortunately the Republicans and our Democratic governor don't consider that a minority of the eligible voters actually supported them.  Many people are proud of the Minnesota turnout of 55.9%, the highest in the country.  But to have half the eligible voters support a candidate, nearly ninety percent of the people who actually voted would have to vote for the candidate.  I doubt that any candidate in 2010 got that support, even if unopposed.

To end minority government, be sure to vote, even if you have to write somebody in.