Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quote of the day: Suburbia

“Seriously, nothing good ever came out of suburbia.”

I’m cleaning out my Outlook email, and the folder is my clippings file going back to 2011.  One that I had to write a blog entry on was “‘Detroit,’ Meet Detroit” by Toby Barlow, especially after I posted “You’re not from there; I am from there!”

Barlow gives a long list of interesting spots to visit in the City of Detroit.

I don’t know about Detroit, but I think one thing that deters people from going into a downtown is lack of “free parking”, even if they are only paying 25 cents for a twenty-minute stop.  The other is that public transit has become less frequent making it more inconvenient.  My mantra about bus service into downtown Duluth is that you’re either five minutes late or twenty-five minutes early.  Many buses arrive downtown at x:05 or x:35.  Maybe offices should make appointments for x:15 and x:45.