Friday, August 08, 2014

“The Prisoner” – different versions

When we lived in Sweden we saw a few episodes of “The Prisoner”.  This was probably '71 or '72; we think our TV was taken in a burglary before Christmas 1972.  One episode that stood out was when No. 6 listened to identical LPs and declared that one was too fast and another was too slow.  I have been trying to remember what the piece was for years.  I do know that I bought a copy of it later based on hearing it in “The Prisoner”.

I have been working through the DVDs from Netflix and finally watched the LP episode.  It is the second episode on Vol. 7, “Hammer into Anvil”.  But No. 6 doesn’t make comments on the speed in the shop, he just looks at his watch.

Another difference I remember is that in the opening of the BW version we saw, the guy in the top hat sticks a cane or an umbrella to knock out the soon-to-be No. 6.  In the Netflix version, we only see the cloud of gas coming in the keyhole.  The BW version had No. 6 caught in the big bubble; in the Netflix version we only see it coming out of the water and bouncing along the beach.

The LP?  “L’Arlésienne” by Hector Berlioz.

From I learned why “L’Arlésienne” was chosen.  If you haven’t seen “Hammer into Anvil” yet, see it before you check this link.