Friday, May 06, 2016

Helping the help desk

When my old Epson Workforce printer became erratic, I bought a new one from Best Buy (my four-year warranty on the old one paid for most of it).  The Workforce 3640 is similar i many ways, but quite different in others.

The old one would print business cards without a problem.  The new one often chewed them up and jammed.  Today each try jammed.

I looked at the Epson website to see if there was a recommended paper or other solution.  I found nothing.

I asked Best Buy’s Geek Squad (online chat) if there was any recommended paper.  I was told to check with a store.

I did another search and found that there is a rear feed.  This is meant for single feed of paper or envelopes.  See

It took a bit of doing to have the job started and the feed the paper, but I got the hang of it.  When I did a second sheet just now it was a piece of cake.

I went back to the Geek Squad chat and left a heads up for them.  The agent replied “awesome”.

It sometimes amazes me how I find a solution that the “experts” didn’t think of.  Of course, I’ve been solving (and creating) computer problems for 57 years.  It doesn’t mean I could earn big bucks, but I think it gives me a bigger incentive to find a solution somehow.