Thursday, May 26, 2016

We get letters!

If you have a letter published in a newspaper, you may get letters in the mail.  They can be of three kinds:
Supporting you
Disagreeing politely
Disagreeing anonymously
I rarely get a letter or email supporting a letter that I wrote, but I do get personal comments.  I also get many comments about my columns in the Reader Weekly.  Unfortunately, few seem to notice that I stopped writing for the Reader when I got bumped one too many times.

I received a polite disagreement when I had a letter published questioning the assertion that “the People” have spoken by showing up at meetings.  See

The few don’t represent ‘the people’

The letter writer included his name and address on the envelope.  Unfortunately, he only reasserted what I had objected to in my letter to the editor.  He claimed that all have the opportunity to write letters or show up at meetings.  I didn’t respond that many people don’t feel strongly enough one way or another to write or show up.  Besides, all "the people" wouldn’t fit in a hearing room.

Every month or so I get one of the third type.  I think it may be the same person but I’m not sure.  The outside is covered with various diatribes using various sizes of pens and colors of ink.  I just throw these away without even opening them.  One of the latest was ironic: in all caps it had “SHE’S SCREECHY PREACHY” meaning Hillary Clinton.  Isn’t this anonymous letter writer being “SCREECHY PREACHY”?