Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Paean to true free market holdouts

As my regular readers know (probably too well) that I object strongly to the misuse of the term “free market”.  Too often it means that corporations should be free to do what they damn well please without pesky regulations like providing buyers with full information or air and water pollution reduction.

Well, there are a few markets where there are many sellers, not enough, but they seem to be holding their own.  These are locally-owned
hardware stores,
barbers and stylists
liquor stores
coffee shops
co-op groceries
book stores (only one locally owned new-book store left in Duluth)
We’ve been doing our best to patronize all of the above, but sometimes one has no choice but to patronize the large corporations
building supplies
computers and other electronics,
cell phone service
drug stores
automobiles (but most dealerships are locally owned)
gasoline (but a few stations are locally owned)
Hm!  I know we need a new political party that represents all the people instead of a bunch of special interests.  Maybe it should be called the True Free Market Party!