Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End of our skiing?

From:  Mel Magree
To: oldmanwinter@spiritmt.com
End of our skiing?


The rumors have been flying about reduced hours for skiing.  One couple reported that the web site said that Spirit Mt. won't open until 1:00 on most weekdays.  I tried to find it on my iPhone without success this morning.  After much hunting on my laptop I found the tentative hours.  Sadly, the tentative plans are as they said.

From http://www.spiritmt.com/ski-board
2014/2015 Tentative Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday  1pm to 8pm
Friday & Saturday  9am to 9pm
Sunday  9am to 5pm
Holidays  9am to 9pm (12/21 - 01/01, Jan. 17-18, Feb. 14-15)
Holiday Mondays 9am to 8pm (Jan. 19, Feb. 16)
If this is the case, we will not be renewing our season passes.  We are morning skiers as many other seniors are.  We like the less crowded conditions at 9:00 and even 10:00.  Many of those I spoke to feel the same.

As I left Spirit Mt. this morning, I noticed that all the near parking was filled and people were parking in the lower lot.  How many of these people will come at 1:00 instead?

You have probably considered many of the ramifications of this later opening.

Besides those who are morning skiers, will you be getting as many school groups?  Will they want to ski for an hour-and-a-half before they have to get on the bus to return to school?  Those same buses and drivers are going to have to be on routes at school closing.

How many people that would come up from the cities for a day will come for an afternoon of skiing?  It will be easier for them to go to Afton Alps.

What are the ramifications for the hospitality industry in Duluth?  Spirit Mt. is a "breeder reactor".  It's existence creates business for the city of Duluth that is not on Spirit Mt's books.

I hope you can come to a definite schedule for next year before April 15th, our last day to get the discounted season tickets.