Monday, April 21, 2014

Climate change is real; Exxon Mobil says so

Exxon is not going to stop marketing fossil fuels soon, but it does admit that climate change is real.  See “Our views and principles for managing climate change”.

The page includes:

“Effective strategies must include putting policies in place that start the world on a path to reduce emissions while recognizing that addressing GHG emissions is one among other important world priorities, such as economic development, poverty eradication and public health.”

Recognizing that there will be rules and regulations, they would like them to be effective, to scale, and cost-efficient.  Among other considerations, they prefer a carbon tax over cap-and-trade.

Unfortunately, I doubt these admissions about emissions by Exxon Mobil will still the climate-change deniers in print, on the air, or in Congress.