Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Jesters and columnists, clowns and politicians

Another note from my helter-skelter, written whenever pile is headlined:

Re Molly Ivins + Mark DePaolis,

and followed by a comment about jesters and one about clowns.

1) The purpose of the jester was to say things nobody else dared say.

2) We have lots of clowns in public office.  Why not have some who have something to say instead of mere posturing?

I wondered was this something they wrote or something I pulled out of my own thoughts.  After a search for their names, jester, and clown, I assumed it was something I wrote one day after reading them both in the Star Tribune years ago.

Ivins was noted for her acerbic wit; she did not suffer fools gladly.  The “left” loved her and the “right” hated her.  She died too early of breast cancer.

Although I haven’t seen anything in the paper recently by DePaolis, he is still practicing family medicine at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in the Twin Cities.

I did find some books by DePaolis available online; I’m sure you can also find Ivins’ books online.