Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Only in dreams does beer not spill

In a dream I knocked over a full glass or bottle of beer. Not a drop came out.

The above is from a note in May 2014.

How do we dream something physically impossible but in the dream believe its reality.

For years I haven’t had any flying dreams or dreams of levitating over a floor and skating forward.  Could this mean I’ve settled down and no longer think I can do everything?

Sometime in the last two months I’ve had a recurrence of dreaming of a glowing fire in something that should not be burning.  In the dream nothing is consumed.

I heard on a recent “To the Best of Our Knowledge” that thoughts can be captured from one animal and replayed in the brain of another animal, inducing false memory.  Will sometime we be able to capture our dreams and replay them when we are conscience.

What are the legal implications of this?  Could the authorities read our minds?  Could the authorities put a false memory in our heads and get us to confess to something we never did?