Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ten years of posting

Yesterday I got a “gold star” from Google AdSense for having a web site for ten years.  I have been posting to this blog for eight years.  I haven’t got rich from either and I don’t have a large or medium following.  I can’t even get my family to visit my blog regularly:(  But it has been fun posting my thoughts and observations; and once in a while somebody tells me they liked a posting.

For various reasons, I am winding down my website,  My goodness!  It has been over five years since I updated the home page.  One reason is that I am limited to 200 pages; another is that the tools for posting on Google Blogger are a lot simpler to use.

For the Irregular Blog, you might find some of the statistics interesting:

Total posts - 2158 with this post

Top ten posts by pageviews

235  2012-04-17 Добро пожаловать в мой русский посетителей
197  2012-12-20 Mike Peters' "Twelve Days of Christmas" puns for 2...
90    2012-08-28 Can't corporations live within their means?
84    2012-04-19 The kleptocracy of corporate boards
76    2011-12-22 For word nerds only
73    2013-01-17 A clever but off-the-mark sign
70    2012-05-24 Why facebook's stock price went down after the IPO...
60    2012-11-25 Free market and the Internet
56    2012-02-10 Extremism continues on the Unfair campaign
53    2013-04-10 Why snail research is important

What does the most viewed post mean and how come it is the most viewed?  It is Russian for “Welcome to my Russian visitors” and it because I have a suspiciously large number of page views from Russia.  I suspect that these are reverse spammers who hope that I will track them down and make a click on their sites.  They are wasting their time and mine.

Page views since beginning

34260 Russia
32684 United States
2196   Germany
1752   France
1194   Ukraine
1072   United Kingdom
1013   China
674     Netherlands
417     Latvia
350     Turkey

and many other countries large and small.

Search keywords

69   first minority president
56   mother goose and grimm 12 days of Christmas
55   hyperbolic humor
15   facebog
14   bluestone commons duluth mn
12   corporate entitlements
12   glen post net worth
12   unfair campaign
9     bluestone commons duluth

If you got to the end of this post, thank you!  If you like what you read on this blog, please tell your friends.  Otherwise, thanks for visiting.