Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The beep that cried wolf

Just as we finished dinner, a car out front started beeping.  We waited for the driver to come and turn it off.  Then the beeping stopped.  But, in what seemed like two minutes, it started beeping again.  I assumed the car belonged to a staff member or a customer of the restaurant at the other end of the block or a student who parked and walked up to UMD.

I went out, wrote down the license number, make, and model, and went to the restaurant. The cashier wasn’t particularly interested because she had her hands full with several orders.

When I came back, the lights were blinking but the honking had stopped.

I hope the lights don’t wear the battery down.

My big question is what good are car alarms.  Unless there is a lot of foot traffic around, nobody will bother to look if a thief has broken in.  We hear so many false car alarms that most of us assume nothing but a malfunction is happening.