Monday, November 10, 2014

First snow and I wimped out

We were going to go to the fitness center by bus this morning, but we kept having one delay after another.  When we finally were ready we decided to drive instead.  Because of the snow we decided to take the SUV which has more aggressive winter tires.

When I was on the main street approaching a stop sign, I put on the brakes well in advance.  Da-da-da went the ABS.  I stopped without entering the intersection.  I drove down a hill and up a hill keeping my speed at about 20mph.  Nobody caught up to me.

When I got to the next stop sign, I wondered about continuing.  When I got to the third stop sign two blocks before a major downhill, I decided discretion was the better part of valor.  I turned around and headed back home.

When I got to the last stop sign near our house, I approached it carefully because I knew downhill traffic would be coming to my left.  Sure enough, a driver couldn’t stop and went right on through the intersection.  If I hadn’t waited, we would have been T-boned!

As we approached our final turn I had a tailgater!  Plus an illegally parked car on the side street was across the street from a legally parked car, a street that is barely three-cars wide.

The skid control did go into action before I went between them, but I was going straight as I passed them.

Finally, we pulled into our garage and hunkered down with some coffee.

We do think we’ll walk out to the corner restaurant for lunch, crossing the street only when we see no cars coming.