Wednesday, November 26, 2014

VA: problem is not the government

Many have been raising complaints about service at many Veterans Administration centers, and many of those blame President Obama and his administration.  But what critics overlook is that they got what they wanted: a smaller government.

How is there a smaller government?  By outsourcing management to private companies.  In the case of the Veteran Affairs Clinic in Hibbing, Minnesota, it is managed by Cincinnati-based Sterling Medical Associates.  See “Elected leaders meet with Hibbing VA workers over scheduling concerns”.

According to many of these same critics the purpose of a company is to generate profits.  In other words, good service is secondary.  Some companies do provide good service as a means of increasing profits.  Too many others will short-change good service if it means costs are cut and profits raised.

The sole purpose of government is to provide service.  Sure, this gets side-tracked too, but it is far easier to bring that leviathan back to its purpose than it is to get profit-driven companies to put service first.