Monday, November 10, 2014

My great influence as a writer

Every so often, somebody tells me they enjoy my columns in the Reader Weekly of Duluth but few write a letter to the editor about my columns.

I have people all over the word read my blog entries, but I suspect many of them are only occasional readers or even reverse spammers.

Well, I just had the wet pail of reality dumped on my head.

Only three people have read “Be Counted!  We the People Are Counting on You”.  Even posting a link to it in a comment to a turnout article in the New York Times didn’t help.  In fact, only one person recommended my comment.

On the other hand, seven people have read “Consideration for Garlic Lovers”.

Oh, well!  I guess three readers is better than the none I would have had if I had left the ideas in my head.