Sunday, February 15, 2015

Disappearing Server Tips

Friday night I went to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner.  I put the bill on my debit card and included a tip.

Saturday I stopped at an ATM to get some cash and asked for a balance also.

When I got home I updated my checkbook application* and things didn’t look right.  The balance in my checkbook didn’t match the balance given by the ATM.  I couldn’t find any sales slip that matched the discrepancy.

Today as I looked at my sales slips I recognized the discrepancy.  It was the tip on the sales slip.  When the restaurant takes my card, it puts a hold on the amount on the slip.  When I add the tip, the hold isn’t taken off, but the total is submitted.  Given that I was checking on Saturday, when my account would not be updated, I was unable to find the restaurant charge in the online list of transactions.  But the ATM slip did show the balance with the hold on the printed sales slip.

I will get verification of this on Tuesday.  Monday is Presidents’ Day and I assume the online data will not be updated during the day.

But it did spoil my Saturday evening as this control freak tried to get everything balanced.

*The checkbook application is Checkbook Tao for the Mac, no app version yet.  You can find it in Apple’s App Store.