Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Junk mail and the fine print

I keep hoping that some internet provider will offer 30Mbps service at $30/month with no other conditions, like phone or TV.  So I keep opening the envelopes and it is always the same old offer.  For example Charter Spectrum offers up to 30Mbps internet at $29.99 per month when bundled with TV at $29.99 and phone at $29.99.  The fine print also reads “for 12 mos”.  The print is so fine that I can’t even determine if there is an abbreviation period after “mos”.

Well, the really fine print with all the conditions includes: “To reduce Charter direct mail, visit”

I filled out the form without concern because it did not ask for any information that Charter didn’t already have, that is my name and address.  It didn’t even ask why I wanted to drop out.  Charter probably doesn’t want to read what I wrote above.

But maybe thousands of us could make a difference.  If you think so, please pass on the link to this blog entry.  If you pass the link to this entry, I'll see how well the campaign worked. Thanks!