Thursday, February 05, 2015

Memory’s strange behavior

Today I had an annual physical that included a “Wellness Visit”.

The Wellness Visit was an interview with an RN who asked various questions about my health and made some recommendations.  One of the first items was for me to memorize three words: apple, table, penny.  I tucked "ATP" in my brain to help remember them.  A few minutes later I could only remember apple and table!  Fortunately my total score for all the cognitive tests was fairly high for my age.

Later I told the doctor about this, but forgot “table”.  As soon as he left the room, I remembered "apple, table, penny".

After the visit, I went back to the fitness center to pick up my things.  The person next to me looked familiar.  Another person came in and said, “Hi, Gary.”  Click: Gary Houdek, owner of Jitters Tea and Coffee.  Except he had sold it recently to relatives of the owner of the building.  He also remembered me even though I hadn’t come in for several years, probably from my Reader Weekly column.

But then I forgot about a play tonight at UMD.  My wife reminded me of it, and so we won’t forget to go.

I had a different closing, but I forgot it.  Just kidding!  I actually remembered that I had forgot about the play and intended its mention to be my last sentence.