Thursday, February 10, 2011

Culture of democracy? Who blocked it?

According to, Omar Suleiman, Vice-President of Egypt said on ABC that he wanted to see democracy, "But when will we do that?  When the people here have the culture of democracy."Suleiman was quoted in an 11:34 a.m. entry at

My question is who has been blocking the development of that culture.

That leads me to make a challenge to the protesters, show him you have democracy.  Organize at the local level, say at Tahrir Square, wherever large number of people have gathered.  Determine the offices that are needed to govern yourselves in your immediate vicinity.  You might start with a rules committee.  Be sure to have more nominations than the members on the committee.  Have everybody in the area vote on the slate.  Let the committee work a day or two.  Vote on their suggestions.  Repeat.  If this process is not real democracy, I don't know what is.