Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt may gain democracy; will U.S. lose its?

The everyday Egyptians rebelled against an elite that was governing without concern for them.  Many of the U.S. cheered them on.  Now we should look to our own house and consider if we are losing our own democracy to a plutocracy.

Remember, democracy means rule by the people.

Consider that the people's schools are being decimated because we can't afford them.  To afford the schools, we all really need to pitch in.

Plutocracy means rule by the wealthy.

Who is making the most noise about needing lower taxes?  Who is contributing more and more to politicians and political campaigns?  Who decided that corporations should not be limited in making political corporations?

For more on our coming plutocracy, see "When Democracy Weakens", Bob Herbert, New York Times, 2011-02-12.