Monday, February 07, 2011

I did half of a New York Times crossword in less than a minute

Today I bought my wife a new iMac and proceeded to transfer her files from her laptop to the iMac.  The process itself is worth a blog I may never write.

After finding all the needed cables, the "migration" supposedly took less than two hours.  I'm not sure, it started with "1 hour 59 minutes remaining", dropped to under one hour, bounced up to over one hour, and so on.

Sometimes around "20 minutes remaining" I did the SuDoKu puzzle and the New York Times crossword puzzle in the Monday's Star Tribune.

When I was about half-way through the crossword puzzle, there was "less than a minute remaining" for the migration.  Every couple of clues, I'd look up and see "less than a minute remaining".  When I finished the puzzle, there was still "less than a minute remaining".

So, I must have done half New York Times crossword is less than a minute.