Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our way is good; your way is bad

There is a guy going around with a video camera, setting up crazy situations, and getting people to say silly things.  He then publishes his videos and the right jumps over the follies of the few as indicative of how bad the whole organization is.  He did it against ACORN and now he has done it against NPR.  ACORN has closed its doors; NPR will probably survive because it has many well-heeled supporters.

However, if somebody entraps a Republican like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, it's called unfair and brushed off as inconsequential.

Subsidies for green energy are bad; energy costs should be determined by free market forces.

But the same people who say this want to supply subsidies to the oil and nuclear industries.

Interestingly, the nuclear industry is not supported by the free market; banks and investors think they are too risky.  See "Japan disaster may mean setback for U.S. nuclear energy", Washington Post, Jia Lynn Yang, 2011-03-13.