Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A geography lesson - Japan and Minnesota

We keep getting questions about how our son is doing in Japan after the earthquake near Sendai and the nuclear reactor problems in Fukushima.  To me, it's like others asking how we are doing if a tornado hit the Twin Cities or how we're doing with the Red River flooding in Fargo ND.

Sendai is about 225 miles from Tokyo and the Fukushima plant is about 150.  Fargo is about 242 from Duluth and Minneapolis is about 150.

Oh, yes, there are two nuclear plants near us.  Monticello is about 150 miles away and Prairie Island is about 224.  Prairie Island has far too much spent fuel stored on the premises.  If any of those casks are breached and we lived downstream in LaCrosse WI, then maybe you should worry about us.