Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tort reform, but only against the little guys

Tort reform is one of the "conservative" talking points, meaning that individuals shouldn't get seven figure settlements, or even six figure settlements, against doctors and corporations.

It's very strange that we hear nothing about tort reform regarding seven figure settlements won by large corporations.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, was a jury foreman in a case against a dealership where a woman slipped on spilled diesel fuel and was injured.  She was awarded $472,000.  See "Larry Ellison's latest job: jury foreman", Yahoo Finance, 2011-04-26.  When will she collect? Will the dealership appeal?

The same article mentioned that Oracle won a $1.3 billion verdict for copyright infringement agains SAP.  SAP is appealing.

An even bigger suit was won by St. Jude Medical, $2.3 billion for theft of trade secrets. This suit was against an individual and another company.

Does or should tort reform apply in this case?