Sunday, April 17, 2011

More examples of corporate inefficiency

I know and you know that many corporations are not perfect; after all, they are run by imperfect people.  I know and you know that many governments are not perfect; after all…  However, because there are so many commentators who forcefully state the second statement and deny the first, I feel the urge to provide examples of the first.

In addition to the "Star Tribune can't live within its means", I found that the Star Tribune is very inefficient in collecting its money.  Over two weeks after raising its price 33-1/3 percent, it still has not fixed its boxes to reflect the price increase.

Every morning I go out with seven quarters for the Duluth News Tribune (still 75 cents for its few sheets) and for the Star Tribune.  Every morning I come back with one of the quarters because the Star Tribune box still says 75 cents and still opens when I put in 75 cents.

Hewlett-Packard, with its multi-million dollar CEOs (see "Talk about boards with conflict of interest"), can't seem to write documentation that matches its products.

For years, my printer periodically makes horrible ratcheting sounds as it feeds paper.  For years, I've looked in vain on the HP site for a solution.  The only references are a cleaning kit for PCs (not Macs) and pictures and directions that don't look like my printer.

Today I gave another try at finding a solution.  Yay!  I found a page that tells about using the HP Utility for OS 10.5 and 10.6.  It lists:

Paper Feed Cleaning : If the product is not picking paper correctly, this procedure cleans components inside the product to improve paper picking.

Boo! "Paper Feed Cleaning" is not in the items displayed in the HP Utility window on my computer!

Ah!  The fine print at the bottom of the web page says, "NOTE: The availability of these features depends on the product model."

But, I found this page by searching the Hewlett-Packard website with the model number of my printer.

Go figure!