Saturday, April 23, 2011

Right on with the Write-In Party

Are you tired of elections being determined by big pandering, big lies, and big money? 
Are you tired of the so-called two-party system that gives you a choice of electing a party that is in the pocket of big business and a party that is in the pocket of big business?  Are you tired of a choice of electing a party that claims it is for freedom (of big corporations from any regulations) and a party that claims it if for the people (as long as big corporations are given subsidies to "create jobs").

Now you have a choice, join the Write-In Party!  The Write-In Party seeks no contributions from any interest group.  The Write-In Party is open to anyone who seeks change.  The Write-In Party has no big circuses (aka conventions) and no long-winded speeches that promise change and deliver nickels and dimes to the average person.

How do you join the Write-In Party?  It is both easy and hard.

The first requirement is that you have to promise to vote in every election.  You can't bring about change if you don't vote.

The second requirement is that you have to think about who you really would like to represent you for any particular office.  We won't go into what you should think about; that's your choice.  But you have to think outside the box.

Will the Democratic candidate represent your interests?  Will the Republican candidate represent your interests?  Will some other candidate on the ballot represent your interests?  If you find that a candidate represents your interest, place your mark by that candidate's name.  Do not be swayed by polls!  Almost every poll is biased in some way.  Do not worry about "throwing your vote away" by voting for a "third-party candidate".  Third-party candidates who came in last in the polls have won.  Think Jesse Ventura, last in the polls, became governor of Minnesota.  The only thrown-away votes are those not cast.

If none of the candidates on the ballot represent your interests, write in the name of somebody who you think does represent your interests.  Write-in votes are not thrown-way votes .  Think Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) of Alaska beating a Tea-Party candidate who won the Republican Primary.

How do you choose who to write in?  That is the hard part.  Not the actual writing a name in, but writing in a name that many other people will also write in.  Talk with your family and friends about the choices you have.  Talk in coffee shops.  Post ideas in forums.  Write letters to newspapers.  Maybe your suggestion will catch on; maybe somebody will make a suggestion that you feel is better.  But without this give and take, we'll be stuck with the same old revolving-door politics.

Now comes the third requirement.  VOTE!  If you don't show up, other people are going to decide for you.  If you don't show up, we will probably once again have candidates claiming a mandate when they receive the votes of less than half the eligible voters.

Which leads to the only slogan of the Write-In Party - 90% turnout!