Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newspeak in action!

Apropos the manipulation of reality, check out this video that Al Jazeera English gave a link to:

The kids are very animated and engrossed in their "dialog".  Does their dialog make any more sense than the captions that have beed added about Libya?

It was a story supposedly about the media manipulation in the Ivory Coast, see

I was disappointed in the text of the page.  It seemed to barely touch the Ivory Coast, but listed stories in many other areas.

But then I discovered that I was only being teased to listen to and watch a 25 minute program - Listening Post.

BTW, Radio des Nations Unies has been covering Côte d'Ivoire extensively on its 15-minute daily podcast.  Unfortunately, my French is not good enough to get more than a general sense of what is being said.